There’s an error pop up when I try to withdraw my skins.
Make sure you have filled in correct Steam Trade URL. Then be sure to check if you are able to trade on Steam, otherwise our robot will not be able to send you your skins. Open your Steam inventory, make sure there is no trade ban and it is at least 7 days after the password had been changed.
You can find the reason and ban period here: https://help.steampowered.com/wizard/HelpWhyCantITrade
My steam did not receive trade offer.
Sometimes Steam network service is unstable. If you did not receive trade offer, please try again later. Usually the trade offer will send to your Steam account as you have saved in trade-URL within 20 minutes. Please pay attention to the Steam notification and accept the offer as soon as possible.
I set my steam inventory privacy to “private”.
At that case you will not be able to receive trade offer. It is a simple process involving changing your Steam privacy settings to enables others to see your Steam inventory.
Step 1. Launch your Steam App or go to steamcommunity.com.
Step 2. Select your username and choose Profile.
Step 3. Click the Edit Profile button.
Step 4. Click My Privacy Settings.
Step 5. Set your Inventory privacy to Public.
I cannot login xocsgo.com through steam or visit steam.com, or steamcommunity.com
Steam service might be unstable in your region. Try to use third-party network VPN.
How to withdraw the money from account balance.
Sorry, for legal considerations, the account balance cannot be withdrawn. You can buy skins in the Shop and get them back into CS:GO.
What should I do if I made a top up but the account balance did not change.
Your top up should be activated immediately. At that case, please refresh the page. If it has not been activated within 1 hour, please contact customer service. Under any circumstances, your account balance will be safe.
Are skins saved in my backpack forever if they are not withdrawn?
Your skins is waiting for up to 7 DAYS, it will be sold automatically at MSRP after 7 DAYS if you don't withdraw it.
Where can I find my Steam Trade URL?
Your Steam Trade URL is created by you and your Steam account. Please visit: https://steamcommunity.com/id/me/tradeoffers/privacy#trade_offer_access_url If you cannot visit Steam community, try to use third-party network VPN. Whenever you create a new Trade URL, your old one will become useless. Please don't forget to update it on our site when you do change it.